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Must Try Delicious Treats in Paris

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Every country has their own menus, and their own delicious dishes for visitors and tourists to try. Most cities and towns have a specific list of foods that are recommended to taste while in the area. As for the French, they provide their guests with the best of the best. They chef up a variety of scrumptious delicacies including, but not limited to, appetizers, seafood, meats, pastries, and candies.

If you’d like to get a feel for the overall “must try foods” in the area, visit one of their private food tours in Paris. The fun begins there!

list of food to eat in Paris

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Types of Deliciousness

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The options are endless for these tasty delicacies. But where should you start?

  • Cheese: This decadent dairy product is found in, what the French call, a fromagerie. With all the different types, I’m sure you’ll find a favorite.

Visit one of the top three while you’re there:

  1. Chez Virginie
  2. Barthelemy
  3. Le Ferme Saint Hubert

Also, while you’re in the area, trying the cheese fondue is necessary. Some cheese shops offer it, and many dining areas are apt to have it, too.

And, check out how to buy cheese in Paris before you go. The cheesemongers will be delighted to know you have brushed up on your facts.

  • Meat: Charcutiers spend numerous hours each day perfecting their meats for all to try. The rich smoky and salty flavors bring your taste buds to a mouthwatering conclusion: they can’t get enough.

Here are some of the best cured meat places to visit:

  1. Gilles Verot
  2. Brut
  3. La Ferme Saint Hubert

Visit how to buy cured meat for more details on all the meats.

  • Oysters: These little pieces of seafood are looked upon as heaven on Earth, according to the French. That is precisely why they have perfected several recipes.

Visit some of these dining areas for the best:

  1. Garnier
  2. Le Baron Rouge
  3. Le Mary Celeste

For more areas and/or places to visit with raw dishes, visit raw food restaurants in Paris France. Vegetarians and vegans are highly welcomed.

As for other amazing foods that the “city of light” has to offer, the categories are endless, and each restaurant has its own specialty.

For those of you that have a major sweet tooth, check out the shops that offer croissants, tarts, baguettes, macaroons, chocolate, and lightly salted caramel. Some may include:

  • Des Gâteaux et du Pain
  • Du Pain et des Idées
  • La Maison Pichard
  • Terroir d’Avenir

Pair any dessert with a wine, and you’ll have the best end to a meal there is.

Fun Fact: The falafel made by the French is delectable. For a traditional Lebanese dish, the French sure have perfected it.

A Variety of Tours

Read more about our Paris Food Tours here

After reading this article, you might be eager to find more information about French delicacies. If you are looking for the next best thing to try, feel free to check out the food tours with kids.

And, if you’re in the mood to feel fancy and spoil yourself, go on the Paris gourmet walking tour with your family, a group of friends, or your significant other.

Remember, everything made by the chefs is the best in the world! You want to travel here, people!

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