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Buying Organic Health Food in Paris

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Many travel to France for its famously rich and decadent cuisine, but more health-conscious travelers may grow weary of dishes filled to the brim with butter and sel de mer. However, France has begun to adopt the organic eating trend as more and more consumers become aware of where and how their food is produced. Therefore, an increasing number of organic stores have cropped up around the City of Light.

However, with all of the stores and markets in Paris, finding ones that have a good selection of organic fare can be overwhelming. Here are some helpful tips to find the best organic shopping in Paname.

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Organic Markets

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Spending a day at a traditional French open-air market is an essential experience for all visitors, and if you're looking for healthy, organic goods, there are plenty of markets that sell them. Keep in mind that prices vary widely, so be sure to shop around to get a sense of how much you should be paying for a given item. 

Three Parisian markets are solely dedicated to organic goods, or produits bioBatignolles in the 17th Arrondissement and Brancusi in the 14th occur on Saturday mornings, and Raspail in the 6th takes place on Sundays. However, many other markets will feature stalls that advertise produits bio, so don't rule one out just because it's not solely dedicated to organic goods.

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Stores in Paris

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If heading to a market seems a bit too hectic for your taste, then stop by one of Paname's many organic groceries and specialty shops. While markets are limited by their vendors, you can find everything from organic wine to alternative flours at these kinds of shops.

  • Organic Grocery Chains

Several organic grocery chains have branches in Paris, including Naturalia, Biocoop, Bio c' Bon, Les Nouveaux Robinsons, and La Vie Claire. You can find a massive selection of products at these chains, but read the labels to ensure that all items meet your standards.

  • Independent Shops

Paname also has many independent organic shops. They may be a bit more expensive with a more limited selection, but they are likely to carry specialty items and are nearly guaranteed to be ethically sourced. Some of the best include Le Carillon d'Olivier in the 18th, La Recolte in the 17th, and Canal Bio on Quai de la Loire

  • Other Places

You can generally find organic goods in two other places - an ordinary grocery store or an organic restaurant. Many traditional groceries have kept up with rising demand for organic produce by adding sections devoted to it, and organic eateries like Rose Bakery will feature épicerie sections with house-made goods.

Eating Organically on the Go

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While buying organic is relatively easy, eating out can be a bit more difficult. Many fine dining establishments take care to source high quality foods, but that does not guarantee that it is organic. Restaurants will generally advertise organic fare, and whether you're looking at a boulangerie or a wine tasting, you can always ask about their sourcing.

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