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10 Facts About Food and Drink in France - France is known all throughout the world for its wonderful cuisine and drinks. However, there are many things that the average foreigner doesn't understand about this culture. Here are 10 facts about food and drinks in France that you were not aware of.

10 Most Common Foods Consumed in France - France is a place widely acclaimed for its diverse and savory cuisine, boasting some of the best cuisine options in the world. Here are 10 of the most common foods consumed in France included with their main ingredients.

Best Cheese to Put on French Onion Soup - It can be difficult to learn how to make French Onion Soup without first visiting France and learning from one of our local chefs. One common question that people have is which cheese they should use for this classic French soup. This page will assist you in choosing the best cheese for your soup, and steps involved in cooking

The Buzz Surrounding French Cooking Classes in Paris - Whether you are looking to open a new restaurant and want a French twist to your menu or simply enjoy the taste of France, cooking classes in Paris are the only way to go. You can only learn French cooking with hands-on experience

Does Food Taste the Same to Everyone - More than likely, you experience your sense of taste differently than somebody that you know. Since our sense of taste depends on the number papillae we have on our tongues, we can easily measure our tasting. Although not all papillae contain taste buds, they are the source of what you taste when you bite into your meal.

Food Eaten on Christmas Day in France - A Holiday Dinner Menu - Christmas in France includes a holiday feast lasting from Christmas Eve through Christmas Day of wine, cheeses, meats, and desserts. Find out what food is on a French holiday dinner and dessert menu

Food to Eat in the South of France: A Travel Guide - The South of France is a foodies dream. It's set by the sea which means many of the dishes feature fresh seafood. You'll also find some unique French dishes in this region you might not have known about. This article will highlight some of the top foods to eat when in this region.

Best Parisian Food Tours - We love everything Paris has got to offer, especially when it comes to her really nice cuisines which are always with a touch of splendid romance and we would like to share with you some of the secrets to choosing the best food tours in Paris

The Top Health Foods and Drinks That Stimulate Bowel Movement - Are you suffering from extreme bowel discomfort or a bloated stomach due to high sodium levels in your body? If so, you'll want to check out a few food and drink options you can use to help relieve you of these painful symptoms.

Foods that get their taste from bacteria are good for your health - Learn what foods get their taste, aroma, and texture from bacteria. These tiny little germs bi-product help preserve meats, fruits, and vegetables while creating some of life's healthy probiotic foods

French cooking classic recipes and techniques book - Although learning to make French classic recipes can seem impossible, with the right reference books you can definitely do it. There is one cooking guide that every aspiring chef looks to for step-by-step instruction in all aspects of traditional food preparation

Eating in France: The Best Healthy Food to Eat in Paris  - Eating healthy in France is much easier than some might think. There are plenty of great dish options you can try. This article will highlight some healthy dishes and snacks you can enjoy.

How to fix an over-salted food - Salt is a complex ingredient. Your dish may be tasteless if you add too little, while excess salt rapidly leaves a food uneatable. Unlike other flavorings, extended cooking doesn’t make salt fade. Instead, it becomes more noticeable. Salt can’t be extracted from a cooked food if you have added too much, but there are some ways to lessen its impact

Different Ways to Make Delicious Salt-free Foods - Salt means everything when it comes to baking and cooking, but it is not the only seasoning to make a food taste delicious. There are several other ways you can make a delicious food without using salt

How Does Food Taste on an Electric Grill - The type of grill that you use to prepare your meal can affect the flavor of your food. Here are the perks and setbacks of using electric, gas, and charcoal grills.

How Does Sight and Smell Affect the Taste for Foods? - Our sight and smell can surprisingly affect our taste for foods and drinks. This article will explain more behind how our bodies can trick us into liking certain foods and drinks solely based on how they look or taste.

How to Become a Chef in France - Becoming a chef is a noble ambition. It requires dedication and discipline, and if you want to do it in France, then you have to add passion, commitment, resilience and an uncommon self-believe to the list. The following are thing you need to do to become a professional cook in France

How to Eliminate the Spicy Taste in Food: Helpful Tips - Spicy foods can be delicious, but also overpowering. To help eliminate the intensity of them, you can consume and drink a few things. This article will explore more behind the effect these foods can have on our bodies and tips to help calm down their effects.

Is French Cuisine Really the Best in the World? - The French cuisine is well-known around the world, but is it really the best? This article will explore more behind it and why it's considered to be one of the top ones in the world.

Best Traditional Foods in Paris - Paris is not just known for her dazzling beauty of everlasting glow. Sometimes, even its traditional cuisines are almost very synonymous with its beauty, making it fundamental to at least have a sample of these traditional delicacies any day you find yourself in the metropolis

Old School Cooking for the Modern Woman: Helpful Techniques - Cooking techniques have gone in many different directions throughout time. However, before you can try your hand at more intricate techniques you first need to understand the basics.

Should I Ever Salt my Food Before I Taste it? - Though some restaurant etiquette rules are crystal clear, whether you should salt your food prior to tasting often falls into a grey area. Salt can add great flavor to a number of dishes, and whether or not adding some to foods is rude completely depends on the situation

Study How Food Effects the Body: Foods that Promote Great Health - Food is important and what you put into your body is just as important as what you leave out. Eating healthy has proven benefits and can improve the quality of life altogether. Are you eating right?

Taste of Home Cooking for One or Two - When cooking for only one or two people, it can be difficult to craft out gourmet recipes which compare to your favorite restaurant. However, with the right techniques and ideas, making a perfect meal from home each night should be possible. Here are some tips to help you cook up delicious meals quickly and easily each night.

What classes are required for culinary arts school degree? - Discover what classes are required to get a degree from a culinary arts program. You can specialize in cuisine, pastry, bakery, or hospitality and business management. Most culinary schools teach according to the French Brigade System used in kitchen operations

What Food and Kitchen Classes are Required for French Chefs? - Are you interested in learning the art of French cooking? If so, there are a few food and kitchen classes you need to take. This article will highlight what they are.

The Different Knowledge You Can Learn In a Cooking Class - The mastery of combination of edibles you never thought were possible, the science of balancing tastes, improving flavors and the psychology of redefining what others want to eat are essentially what are learned in cooking classes. However, this is not all as there are lots of things that cannot be learned by just being a granny-trained cook.

The Inside Scoop: What is so special about french cuisine? - A topic that is debatable across the world. What cuisine is the best? If you're tastebuds know any better then you'll quickly figure out why French cuisine is some of the best eats around the globe

French Food Alert: What is the main cuisine in France? - France is known for a lot of extravagant things. From exquisite wine to amazing food art, and they even have the lockdown on sweets. Can you guess what the main cuisine is in France?

What to expect in a cooking class - No regular chef in the world can become a maestro without passing through a culinary school. But beside different cooking techniques, what other things are expected to be taught in these schools? Let's find out!

The Best French Chefs in the World - The selection of the best chefs who have placed France on the map of the world with a mesmerizing, artistic, and highly positive approach to cookery

Who Are the Most Famous French Chefs? - French chefs have distinguished themselves when it comes to preparing delicious and sumptuous cuisines. France is involved in Gastro-tourism and also recognized as the leader of the haute cuisine. The country has created the bible of gastronomy: The Michelin Guide. The following are some famous French chefs and their restaurants

Did Food in the Past Taste Better than Food Today? - If you ask someone over the age of 70 whether food tastes different today, they'll likely give you a resounding yes. Due to a combination of flavor science, additives and preservatives, and changing knowledge of health and farming, food has changed substantially over the past century

Why does Food Taste Different Around the World? - If you travel to another country, you'll quickly find that food tastes a bit different there - even if you order a dish from home. Explore the various scientific, environmental, and cultural factors that influence why food tastes different in another country

The Importance of Taking Baking or Pastry Classes - If you love to bake, taking a baking or a pastry class can be an enjoyable way to enhance your skills. Whether you're a hobbyist or an aspiring professional, pastry or baking courses will help you master even the most finicky breads or desserts

Why You Must Take a Cooking Class - Every great cook began as a novice. To become a master chef, it requires a lot of time, a lot of practice, and a strong education at a respectable culinary school


How Can I Learn How to Make a Chocolate Eclair in Paris? - The best way to bring the art of French pastries home with you is by learning how to make them yourself. The chocolate eclair is one of the most delicious but difficult pastries to master, but with a little culinary education, you can make eclairs that will delight your friends and family back home

A Croissant Class in Paris - If you want to learn how to make French pastries such as the croissant, the best place to come is where France, where local chefs invented and kept this traditional recipe for centuries. There are many different classes in Paris which can teach you how to make a croissant.

A French Tarts Class in Paris: Learn the Basics - French tarts are a unique part of French baking. They can be either sweet or savory and have a very delicate baking method. If you're interested in attending a French tarts class in Paris, this article will inform you as to what you can expect to learn from it.

A Macarons Class in Paris: What You'll Learn - Do you want to learn more about the art of French pastries? If so, a good place to start is with a macarons class. This article will highlight more behind what you'll learn in one of these classes.

Baguette to Bistro Culinary Traditions of Paris - Paris has many different types of food that are unlike anywhere else in the world. People come here to sample the many different savory products that we enjoy on a daily basis. On this page, we will break down some basic criterion which makes French cuisine stand out and then point out some of our favorite local recipes.

Baking Food: Can We Bake Puff Pastry in a Microwave? - Puff pastry is a delicious part of the French cuisine, but preparing it can be a very intricate process, especially when it comes time to bake it. This article will explore more behind this pastry and whether it's safe to bake in the microwave.

How Can I Become a Pastry Chef in France? - Have you ever thought of becoming a pastry chef? If you love baking, then chances are that you have. However, pursuing a career in the art of pastry is not for the faint of heart - chefs work on their feet for long hours. However, if you're dedicated to your craft, then you, too, can excel as a pastry chef in France

All You Need to Know about Parisian Macarons - Paris is home to one of the most quintessential items of French patisserie - macarons. These meringue-based confections filled with ganache, buttercream, or jam are sure to delight your taste buds, but where did they come from - and how can you make one?

Selecting the Best Sweet and Savory Pastry Classes Paris Offers - Ever sit back and think about how the French do it? France, more importantly, Paris has some of the best pastries in the world. Some sweet and some savory. Which do you prefer?

Professional French pastry Courses in Paris, France - There are a few things you should know about taking pastry classes in Paris, France. If you want to be a professional or you are a pastry enthusiast, you will need to plan ahead of time. Most courses or workshops cover dough techniques, decorating, and recipes

What culinary school classes are required for pastry chef - There are a many required classes in baking and pastry techniques to learn if you want to become a pastry chef. You can get a certificate or pursue an associate's or bachelor's degree specializing in pastry and breads. Here are some courses you can expect to take

Important Knowledge They Teach in Pastry School - If you are looking to move away from being a novice to being a maestro, it requires more than constant practice. While constant practice would make you better, it wouldn’t make you the best as there are some things you just can't learn unless you are shown

What Do You Learn in a Baking or Pastry Class? - A baking or pastry class can teach you many helpful things you'll need in order to succeed in culinary arts. If you're interested in learning more behind what you'll be taught, this article will highlight some of the lessons.

Types of Wines - What Does White Merlot Wine Taste Like? - White Merlot is a delectable wine to taste. If you haven't tried it and are unsure whether you'd like it, this article will highlight what it tastes like so you're prepared.

What shape is a Paris Brest pastry and why is it that shape? - Discover why a pastry was named Paris Brest, what shape it is, and mostly, why it is related to such a particular name. Is that shape related to its deliciousness and fluffy texture?

At What Temperature Do You Bake Puff Pastry? - Learning to bake puff pastry can be a daunting challenge for an amateur baker. However, with a solid recipe and a little technique, you, too, can bake the fabled Pâte à Choux. Let us tell you a few basics about how to make the dough from sifting to filling

What Can You Expect at a French Patisserie? - French patisseries are famous for producing delectable pastries that range from classics like macarons to regional delights. However, with so many scrumptious options, getting the most out of your patisserie experience can be an art in and of itself.

11 Top Food Shops Answering Where to Buy the Best Pastry in Paris - If you are in Paris. France, then eating and drinking are some of the most touristic things you can do. Why not go for the best and experience the best pastry in Paris. Find out where to locate them here

How to Decide Where to go to Pastry School - Do you dream of becoming a pastry chef? If so, deciding where to train can be a difficult choice. These tips will help you make the right call when picking the culinary school of your dreams


A French Breads and Baguette Class in Paris: What You'll Learn - France is home to hundreds of types of breads, but the one that stands out the most is the baguette. In a baking class, you'll be able to learn more behind the history of this bread and how you can make it and many other delicious French bread options.

Baguettes in Paris - It is ridiculous to think of visiting Paris without trying baguettes. This classic French product dates back centuries and can be easily made with training. This page will break down all of the details of what baguettes are, and how to find the best baguettes in Paris.

Baking and Pastry Classes in Paris - If you visit Paris, you will likely be blown away by some of the delicious baked goods and pastries you find at the markets or in the restaurants. Here is how you can learn to make some of these products and take a piece of France back home with you.

What You'll Learn While Taking Baking Classes in Paris - Are you considering signing up for a baking class while in Paris? If so, there are a few things you'll need to keep in mind. This article will highlight some of the foods you'll make and techniques you'll learn in one.

How Long Will You Spend in a Culinary Program for Baking? - If you're an amateur baker looking to take your love of food to the next level, you may have considered enrolling in culinary school for baking or pastry. However, a culinary education takes time and money, so you should consider how long it could take to earn a degree when enrolling

How much is culinary arts school program for baking? - There are many paths to earning your baking and pastry certificate of degree from a culinary arts program at a specialty school, community college, or university. Here is what you can expect in tuition and content from these programs

How to prepare French baked brie cheese for oven baking - Discover how to prepare French baked brie cheese made in puff pastry or oven warmed. Simple recipes include which combination of pairings to use as brie toppings. Brie selection tips and storage instructions. Learn which brie is certified

Why Cooking is Different to Baking - The procedures of cooking and baking are very different, something which is made very clear if you read their corresponding recipes. While cooking has a tendency to be open to improvisation and interpretation and more free form, baking on the other hand is strictly precise

Tools and Equipment in Baking Bread and Pastry Cookies - Baking bread and pastry products is a rewarding skill to have. Here is some of the kitchen equipment you will need to craft dough for cake, pastries, and bread. From the mixing tools to getting the right measurements, it is important that you use the right equipment to create a perfect recipe every time.

Tips for Vegan Baking - How to Substitute Eggs - Finding a vegan egg substitute can be a tricky task even with so many options available. However, with a little bit of knowledge about how eggs and their substitutes work in a recipe, you'll find the perfect replacements for your vegan baking needs

What Can I Use Instead of Baking Beans to Cook a Pastry? - If you're looking for alternatives to use with your pastry crust rather than baking beans, you've come to the right place. This article will give you some great choices you can use instead of these expensive culinary tools as a pie weight.

Dessert Recipe - What Cream Cheese to Use for Baking? - Baking with cream cheese can add a delicious texture and flavor to your recipes. If you're looking to find the best cream cheese for your dishes, keep reading.

What is the Difference Between Culinary and Baking Arts? - Culinary and baking are two terms often used interchangeably. However, they are very different terms with separate meanings. This article will show how they differ.

What is the Function of Baking Powder in a Pastry? - Baking powder is an important ingredient when it comes to baking pastries. This article will highlight more behind this essential baking ingredient and how it works.

The Role of Eggs in Baking Your Favorite Pastries - Eggs serve a number of important purposes in crafting your favorite desserts. Foamy egg whites create airy meringues while fatty yolks create the smooth, rich texture of cake batter. Any baker should take the time to learn how to use this wonderful ingredient to take their desserts to the next level

What to Expect in a Baking or Pastry Class - If you sign up for a baking or pastry class, it is important that you know what to expect before signing yourself up. This is especially true when you want to learn how to make a new type of baking technique or pastry. Here are five things you should expect in a baking or pastry class.

Why is Bread a Major Staple Food in France? - France is particularly renowned for its bread, but why? Bread has important culinary and historical significance in French culture, and many historians even argue that it caused a revolution. Today, bread remains a staple food throughout the country with all kinds of interesting etiquette surrounding it

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10 foods you have to try in Paris - If you want to visit Paris, there are many different local cuisines that you need to try. However, not everybody has all the time in the world. As a result, here you have the top 10 foods that you absolutely need to try during your time here.

A List of Popular Foods in Paris - There are many wonderful cuisine options in France. It is very difficult to try them all. As a result, it is important to plan your time carefully if you are here as a tourist. Here is a list of the most popular foods in Paris.

Best Local French Food in Paris - There are many wonderful products and recipes to try while you visit France. For your reference, here are some of the top products and recipes that you might come across in Paris.

The Best Neighborhoods for Food in Paris - If you're planning a culinary tour of Paris, deciding where to book your hotel can be a tough call. Foodies looking for five-star gourmet and local dives alike will find what they're looking for in these neighborhoods

Top Restaurants in Paris - You don’t have to search the whole of Paris or pay a tour agent to know where you can eat good french food around. The city has wide spectrum of choices when it comes to places to eat, and they are at the tips of your fingers

Best Parisian Street Food Spots - In yesteryears, street food was completely unacceptable in Paris, the capital of France. However, things have completely changed and Parisians now look at street food in a different light. Is street food the latest trend in the love city? It totally seems so

Facts About Paris France Food - Paris is home to a unique range of cuisines from both domestic and foreign origins. In fact, you have probably eaten French food before without even knowing it. Here are some facts which will help you find the best local cuisine options.

French Food Souvenirs from Paris You Can’t Leave Without Buying - From the Airport to the shops, there is NO leaving France without these French food souvenirs from Paris. Bring home the essence of France and share your rich experiences of Paris

Tips for Packing Healthy Lunches for your Kids - Though sending your kids to school with a home-cooked lunch may seem time-consuming and old fashioned, it's an important part of making sure that they get the nutrients that they need throughout the day. These tips will help you save time and money while sending your children to school with a nutritious homemade meal

How Many Different French Cheeses are There - It can be hard to give an exact answer as to how many different French cheeses there are. However, what we do know is that there are various ones which have been recognized by the French AOC. Here are some of our favorites, which are both popular ones and those which fall under the radar.

How much does french food cost in Paris France - If you are planning to eat while you are in Paris, France, you will find there are place to go for every budget. Keep these tips in mind when selecting restaurants, cafes, bistros, or grabbing a bite from a street cart

The Cost of Going Wine Tasting in France - Are you a wine lover looking to experience the best of French wine country? Here are some of the best ways to sample the fruit of the vine in France regardless of how much time or money you have

How Much Should I Budget for Food in France? - With its vast array of Michelin-starred restaurants, France has earned a reputation for being an expensive place to eat. However, if you know where to go, you can experience all of the wonders of French cuisine even on a shoestring budget

How to buy French cheese in Paris France - There are over 500 different types of french cheeses. Learn whether you should by from a grocery store or cheese shop. Discover the best cheeses by season and how to order at a Fromagerie

Food Shopping: How to Buy Cured Meat in Paris - Buying cured meats in Paris can be a daunting task. There are a variety of types to choose from and it takes delicate planning to ensure they match any wines and cheeses you plan to serve. This article will highlight how you can buy cured meats in Paris.

How to Buy Good Prepared Food in Paris - Buying excellent prepared food in Paris is easy if you know where to go, and what you are looking for. Unless you have visited the city before, you might easily become overwhelmed by the many potential options to get take-out food. These people typically need assistance in finding the best places to buy prepared food.

How to choose a french restaurant in Paris - How to choose a restaurant in France can be overwhelming. There are several things that are important to know if you want to have a hassle free wine tasting and dining experience.

A Brief Guide to Ordering French Food in Paris - Does ordering a meal in Paris seem a bit intimidating to you? If so, a few tips and tricks can help you to order French food like a pro and avoid an embarrassing encounter with a server

Interesting Facts About Food and Drink in France - French food and drinks have many interesting facts many aren't aware of. This article will tell of some that might surprise you and help you to gain a new perspective on this cuisine.

The best things to eat while in Paris - only the essentials - What are the most important foods to eat while visiting Paris? Why, only the essentials of course! Take a tour through all of the lovely foods that only Paris is known for, because they have the best

The Best Stores to Buy Organic Health Food in Paris - Want to enjoy the magic of French cuisine in a healthy, organic way? Then you should visit some of the best organic shops, markets, and restaurant that Paris has to offer

Paris Food Markets by Day of the Week: A Guide - Paris is home to many food markets that are held throughout the week. This guide will help you to discover various markets held on certain days so you can buy fresh ingredients for your meals.

Paris Food Tour Itinerary: Where to Travel - Are you looking to find the best stops in Paris for food? If so, this itinerary will help ensure you experience the top dishes, desserts, wines and other great culinary options this city offers.

Culinary Tours: A Paris Food Tour of St. Germain - St. Germain is a wonderful place in Paris to go on a food tour. If you're wondering what exactly you'll find here, this article will highlight what this district is known for and culinary places to travel to while in it.

Taking a Food Tour in Paris with the Kids - Planning a trip to Paris with the whole family can seem difficult at first, but once you know where to go and what to do, you'll be ready to show your kids the magic of the City of Light while keeping them happy and entertained

Choosing a Gourmet Food Walking Tour in Paris - Thousands of travelers visit Paris for its massive selection of gourmet food. However, this astounding array of eats can be overwhelming, so the best way to enjoy all that the city has to offer is by booking a food tour, where a local guide will show you everything from French classics to hidden gems

Best Paris' Private Food Tours - Off Paris you go, wondering what the nourishment experience would look like in this famous city. This guide will walk you through the best private food tours in Paris

A Brief Guide to Eating Raw Food in Paris France - Paris has earned a reputation for being unfriendly to vegans and raw foodists alike, but in reality, plenty of raw food and vegan restaurants exist and thrive in Paris. This guide will help you find the best raw food eateries in Paris whether you're a hardcore vegan or carnivore

Must Have Street Food to Try in Paris - Street food in Paris is something that people can't wait to indulge in. There are so many different street foods available, you will always be able to satisfy that food craving

Types of places to eat in Paris - It is important to know the different types of places to eat in Paris. Between lunch and dinner, many restaurants are closed. Here's a list, from boulangeries to 5 stars restaurants, to help you find the right spot at the right time

How to Enjoy Parisian Food as a Vegetarian or Vegan - Despite its reputation as a meat-lover's paradise, Paris has become increasingly friendly for vegetarians and vegans in the past ten years. With a few helpful hints, avoiding animal products in the City of Light is easier than ever

What Ethnic Foods Will You Find in France? - As France grows increasingly diverse, so does its culinary landscape. Immigrants from South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia have brought delicacies from their homelands with them, enhancing and diversifying French cuisine

What are some famous French foods? - French food is famous all over the world. Find out what to order at restaurants, bakeries, and bistros in Paris. Here's a list of all the French dishes you should try in France and information about where they originated and what's in it

What are Some Traditional Food in France? - France is home to many unique and creative dishes that people around the world enjoy. However, even with its modern touches on dishes, the country still loves its traditional foods. This article will highlight some of the top classic dishes this country has to offer.

What are the Most Popular Foods in Paris - Paris is home to some of the best food options in the world. With cuisines that date back centuries, everybody should consider coming to France and experiencing the local cuisine here first-hand. Whether you're coming for a visit, or simply curious, here are some of the most popular foods in Paris.

Foods that You Must Try in Paris, France - Paris is both the capital of France and of world cuisine, so deciding what foods to try during your visit can be overwhelming. Here's our brief guide to what you should try and how to get the most out of your tour of French cuisine!

What Food do they Eat in France for Breakfast - Eating breakfast the French way is something that everybody should experience. With so many wonderful things to try and recipes to explore, breakfast in France is unlike anywhere else in the world. Whether you are simply curious about the culture or planning a trip to France, here are some of the top French breakfast foods.

What French food do they eat in France for lunch? - The French take everything about their culinary experience seriously. Find out about the French attitude toward food and eating, what time they eat lunch, and what kind of choices they have. Here's a sample lunch menu with descriptions

The World-Famous Gourmet Food of Paris, France - You can find the best food in the world in Paris, France. You'll find troves of mouth-watering pastries, delectable desserts, hearty main courses, and fine French wines, but finding all of the city's hidden gems without spending a fortune requires a bit of knowledge

Markets, Traituers, and Specialty Stores - Buying Food in Paris - Paris's huge selection of gourmet restaurants and food tours can quickly drain your wallet, so a great way to save money is by shopping for food in traditional markets, grocery stores, and other local shops. Here's our guide to the best places to buy food in Paris

Here is Where to Buy the Best Chocolate in Paris and More - Whether you enjoy it on your desserts, a part of your treats or just it by itself, chocolate is loved by billions and the best places to find top quality chocolates is in Paris

Trolling for Authentic French Food: Try These Paris Restaurants - Think you know where to grab real authentic French food? Best you didn't think about these amazing places when visiting Paris

Where to Eat Good French Food While in Paris - France is home to an incredible array of dishes and treats. While in Paris, you'll find an overwhelming amount of places you can dine at which can make choosing the best ones difficult. This article will help you by giving you some of the best places you can eat food at while in the city.

Where Can I Eat Traditional French Food in Paris? - Paris is brimming with world-famous, traditional French cuisine, so deciding where to eat can be a daunting task. However, you can get the most out of your tour of France's best cuisine by visiting all kinds of markets, stores, and restaurants in the City of Light

Best Restaurants for Vegetarian Food in Paris - A few years ago, ordering for your dish without meat would have earned you questionable looks from the customers at the next table and a little frown from your server. But things have really changed nowadays, and if you know your way around, finding vegetarian-friendly restaurants has become a lot easier

Where to Find the Best Baguettes in Paris - The baguette is a culinary staple of France, and you can find them in nearly any bakery in Paris. However, with so many boulangeries and baguettes in the city, how can you find the best of the best?

Where to Find the Best Cheese in Paris: Helpful Tips - If you're hosting a dinner or wine tasting, cheese is often a major highlight of it. Because of this, you'll want to make sure to buy the best cheese in Paris. This article will give some tips to help you buy the right cheese and the best shops to find them in.

Places to Shop for Food in Paris - Looking for the Paris’s best food shops to get your groceries? Check out this rundown of where to find the most reliable French fare for your kitchen

Do You Know Why Food in Paris is So Good - You can travel across the world and in various countries to find French food, but the fact still remains, French food is simply better when it's from Paris. May sound strange, but this here's why

Why is Food so Important in France and its Culture - If you land in Paris, France, and wonder why no one minds waiting a long time for their food, you will finally understand the important question: Why is food so important in France?

Wine tasting

Single-Day Wine Tours from Paris, France - No visit to Paris is complete without fully indulging in French wines. However, not everyone has a week to leisurely stroll through wine country. Here are some of the best options for spending a day enjoying the fruit of the vine in and around Paris

Does Wine Really Taste Better with Age - It is important to learn which wines age well and which ones don't if you wish to try aging your own wine. Here is what you need to know about how the ingredients and careful storage directly affect the taste of many types of wine

Does Wine Taste Better Cold or Warm - Sometimes it can be confusing whether or not wine tastes better cold or warm. This is especially true when you are new to the different types of wines and which ones are best served at what temperature. Here are the temperatures you should drink your wine at

Easy Appetizers for a Wine Tasting Party - A discussion of the appropriate kind of appetizers for a wine tasting party, including a list of a few delicious and easy-to-prepare appetizers for a wine tasting party.

Going Wine Tasting for the First Time: Things You Need to Know - Planning to go wine tasting for the first time? If so, there are a few things you'll need to keep in mind. Keep reading to find out what they are and how they can help you successfully enjoy your first tasting.

Connoisseur's Corner: How Do You Taste Acidity in Wine - Tasting is one of the approved method to ascertain the acidity of wine. Understanding what is acidity will give an overview of the complete trait of using the human senses to help in detecting the actual pH value of the drink. It is also paramount to get more information on why the acidic medium is important for a wine drink

How do you taste wine at a restaurant and survive the ritual - Sometimes it's not polite to send wine back when you don't like it, especially an expensive one as it has been opened for you. However, if it's not your taste, it's recommended that you explain it to the waiter and have it replaced.

How Does a Wine Tasting Event Work: Answers Here - For some, it only happens under very special occasions and for others, it is a regular occurrence, but if you are wondering how does a wine tasting event work, then you have landed in the right place

How Senses are of Use to Taste a Wine - Wine tasting is a different experience from any kind of tasting and this is because it involves the combination of almost all the senses. The mind might not be drawn to this fact but it is almost undeniable that a good wine employs almost all the senses in order to derive the most delightful savour

Wine Shopping: How Many Wines are There in France? - France is home to many different types of wines and finding the right one for your dinner or party can be difficult given the wide selection. This article will explore more behind the intricate classification system that this country has created to help make shopping for it easier.

How Much Cheese Per Person at a Wine Tasting? - Hosting a wine tasting event can be a great way to experience different types of wines and cheeses. However, buying the right amount of cheese for it can be a little tricky. This article will offer helpful tips to help you with this.

How Should I Dress for a Wine Tour or Tasting? - Once you've booked your wine tour and tasting, you may be wondering how you should dress for the occasion? Whether you're attending a class in a Parisian cellar or traversing the vineyards of Napa, a little bit of knowledge will help you decide on the perfect tasting outfit

How to Become a Wine Tasting Expert - To become a professional wine taster, you need to know both on how the events work, and the various differences in taste and quality between bottles. Here are some tips to keep in mind for setting up your own event and how to get better at recognizing the flavor of the many different varieties of wine.

How to Design a Wine Tasting Room - Designing your own wine tasting room can be a stressful experience. Especially if this is your first time doing this. Here are some of the top things to keep in mind for successfully designing your own wine tasting room.

How to Host a Cheese Tasting Party - Hosting your own cheese tasting party is a great way to learn new things about both wine and cheese. Since these two things are best paired together, this page will assist you in everything necessary in creating the perfect cheese tasting party.

Food or Wine: How to Plan a Wine Tasting Tour With Both - There is a way to enjoy wine and a way to enjoy good wine. An authentic French wine tasting tour is the best way to maximize your Paris experience and indulge in the true France culture

How to Taste Wine Like a Pro - If you want to learn how to taste wine like a pro, you need to first learn the techniques which the professionals use. Here are some tips and information which will help you become a better wine taster.

Top Paris food and wine festival options - Try to plan a trip to Paris during one of these top food and wine festivals. You will have the chance to try signature dishes from some of France's rising and most prestigious chefs. Learn wine pairing techniques and have a great time

Wine Bars located in the 9th arrondissement in Paris - There are wine bars everywhere in Paris. The 9th arrondissement is no exception. Find out where to go to find the hip restaurants and bistros to fully enjoy your wine tasting.

The Best Wine Bars in Paris's 16th Arrondissement - Want to get away from crowds of tourists and relax with a drink? Visit one of the 16th Arrondissement's best wine bars for the perfect balance of chill and chic

The most beautiful wine villages in France - Some of the Most Beautiful Wine Villages In France to visit are in the Alsace, Bordeaux, and Loire regions. Medieval castles with winding cobblestone streets overlook the numerous vineyards throughout the 12 major wine regions. Discover the special spots to visit in each of these scenic locations

The five most famous wine regions in France - France is synonymous with wine, and everyone who loves wine knows the popular regions like Champagne and Bordeaux. All the popular areas are known for their best high-quality wine

The Costs and Benefits of Attending a Pastry School - Many avid bakers have considered furthering their skills in pastry school, but tuition costs often hold potential students back from pursuing their passion. Is attending a culinary arts college worth it?

where to buy french wine in Paris and what to know - Knowing where to buy French wine in Paris is important. There are three main choices depending on your budget and what time you are shopping for your wine. Should you buy screw top or corked? Here are a few affordable French wines to try while you are in Paris.

Top Regions in France That Produce the Most Wines - France is known to produce some of the best and high quality wines available across the globe. In fact, wine enthusiasts give more regard to wines produced in the country. If you are looking to have a taste of the best wines, France is the perfect place to be. Here, we take a look at some of these regions in France known to produce the most wines

List of which wine regions to visit in France - Which wine regions should you visit in France? Here's a list of some of the best regions and what to expect while exploring the medieval castles that dot the French countryside and the vineyards that surround these fabulous villages

Wine region day trips to take from Paris France - There are several wine regions to visit when considering day trips from Paris France. A professional day trip guide will usually be all inclusive, allowing you to relax and enjoy the journey. You will get a chance to speak with local winemakers and gain knowledge from the experts

Get the Most Out of Your Next Wine Tasting Classes Paris Has - No matter how you turn the bottle, if you truly want an authentic tasting event, then signing up for a Paris wine tasting tour is the best way to learn, sample, and enjoy

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