Knife Skills and French Sauces


4 hours

Max 12 people

€149 per person

In English

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Our Knife Skills and French Sauces Step by Step

As we always cook from scartch, it all starts at the market, where we are going to find the best ingredients - but the market visit will come with a lot more

Back at school, we will divide and conquer, and start prepping all ingredients to get ready to cook.  A good time for the Chef to share tips and tricks on prep.

Once everyghing is ready we will spend a bit of time talking about "where we are going" - a way to explain how we will cook the different ingredients and most importantly: why this way?

As time goes by, we go through more techniques and cook more - but the smells are starting to make everybody very hungry, and rightly so.

Some ingredients might be new; or it might worth just checking where we are in seasoning for some of the dishes.  Tasting is a critical part of ensuring a successful meal, always.

Everybody takes photos of their food nowadays.  I guess it is everybody's recognition that food plating can contribute significantly to the enjoyment of the dish.  So we indulge.

OK, we think it looks good; but does it taste good?

And no meal in France would be a real meal without sharing drinks and stories.  So your Chef will share your three course meal, white and red wine - and a few stories which illustrate various aspects of French food culture.  Bon appétit!