"Belly of Paris" Les Halles Food Tour

The Les Halles Paris Food Tour is a special Food Tour because of its unique location. In effect, in the center of a French mind there is French Food. But at the center of Paris used to be a very large and bountiful market which was known as ‘les Halles’ – which stands for  ‘the Hallways’. Ten hallways of all types of foods, which as an ensemble were coined the Belly of Paris by Emile Zola. That story and much more about Parisian food culture, you will learn around this vibrant and very old neighbourhood of Paris. As you taste French onion soup and indulge in a plate of snails, you will also discover the quartier Montorgueil which hosts one of the oldest French Parisian bakeries still working, understand why some of the best cook shops are in this area (and know which ones to go to), learn about all the families of French cheeses. But you will also discover a small street where an icon of the new style of Parisian cooking, Bistronomy, also opened a wine bar where you will finish your tour with a much better appreciation for French Food and Culture – old and new.


3 hours

Max 6 people

€109 per person

In English

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Our Les Halles Food Tour Step by Step

STEP 1: Meet your guide in front of the historic Saint-Eustache church and learn about the former Les Halles market, once known as the Belly of Paris.

STEP 2: Dig into the local specialty – French onion soup – at the restaurant that may well have invented the recipe.

STEP 3: Explore the picturesque market streets around rue Montorgueil, where chefs and locals come to buy kitchen equipment and specialty ingredients.

STEP 4: Learn the proper way to enjoy escargots at a restaurant that has been perfecting the recipe since 1832.

STEP 5: Dig into artisan tinned fish, prepared with care on the Brittany coast.

STEP 6: Sample just a few of France’s nearly 1,000 cheeses (and learn all about their history from your expert guide).

STEP 7: Learn all about the modern chefs revitalizing Paris’ dining scene.

STEP 8: Finish things off with a glass of wine at one of Paris’ top wine bars.

Discover French Culture through Other Food Experiences

Discovering culture through food is what we want to do when we travel. So we have developed all our experiences with that simple idea in mind: ensure that you learn both about the topic at hand, but also about French culture in the process. So in our food tours, we will talk about the history of various aspects of French food, in our cooking class about how certain dishes became so important in our culture. During our wine tastings, we will explore the regional differences in French culture. And, a regional cooking holiday is an opportunity to deep dive French food culture to its core and foundation: the regional gastronomies, and the concept of terroir. Follow the links to explore further.