Morning Cooking Class and Lunch in Paris

In our Paris Cooking Class and Lunch, you will learn about French Food and Culture by first preparing a three-course lunch with a local professional Chef from our small team. While you will learn recipes, you will also hear stories about the techniques and ingredients, going from science to history. And we will focus on techniques, to make sure you can reproduce what you learn at home. All this will be followed by a traditional French lunch, served with white and red wine which you will also share with your Chef. All these classes are hands-on, taught in English, set in a beautiful location, fun and instructive, and in small groups of maximum 12 people.

Tues. to Sund.

10.30am to 3pm

Max 12 people

€159 per person

In English

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Our Morning Paris Cooking Class and Lunch Step by Step

STEP 1: Meet your Chef at the school in the heart of the Latin Quarter for a day of learning, cooking and fun.

STEP 2: You will proceed to the first part of “mise en place”: weighing, chopping, dicing all come into play.  And the opportunity to learn new skills in the process.

STEP 3: It is time to cook and to learn why we cook certain things the way we do. And whatever we discuss, it is always with a focus on how the technique brings the best flavour.

STEP 4: Tasting your food as you cook it is always a good idea – as it is often too late by the time it is served.

STEP 5: Before serving lunch there will be time to plate the appetizers, and you will get the opportunity to come back to the kitchen to plate the other dishes. This is a time for creativity and efficiency.

STEP 6: It is time to enjoy your lunch with your Chef, along with stories about French Food and Culture. And this is an opportunity as well for you to experience how we pair wine and food.

Cooking Class and Lunch Sample Reviews

We had a group of 36 attend a cooking class at Le Foodist. We spent 12 days in Europe and the morning we spent learning to cook with Fred and his staff was one of the highlights of our trip. The lunch and desserts we fixed were fantastic! I learned so much that I realized I hadn’t been cooking all these years, I’ve just been FIXING food to eat. Le Foodist is a MUST DO when you’re in Paris!

oct31998, July 2019

Christophe was a great host and excellent teacher. If you are looking for a class to enhance your basic cooking skills, this is a great one to consider. This small class gives everyone an opportunity to try a little bit of everything from sauces, to a fabulous dessert. I prefer serious cooking classes that are also fun and Christophe managed to deliver that experience. Le Foodist provides a comfortable and well provisioned kitchen and a lovely dining environment to enjoy your meal. It was also a pleasure to spend the day with 6 interesting and friendly ladies.

SallyP812, September 2019

We booked this cooking class on line, i personally enjoy cooking and i thought it would be a great experience to have together with my wife and daughter. The experience was better than i could have hoped. Chef Christoph is very knowledgable despite his young age and he teaches the class in a fun way. We enjoyed every minute and ended up preparing a terriffic meal that we were pleasantly surprised that we managed to prepare. I recommend this experience whole heartadly.

Eli V, October 2019

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