Morning Market Visit Cooking Class in Paris

Our Market Visit Cooking Classes in Paris are totally hands-on, taught in English, set in a beautiful location, fund and instructive, and always followed by a scrumptious 3-course meal which is itself served with white and red wine.  

These are small classes, with a maximum of 12 participants. During these experiences, you will first meet at Le Foodist with coffee or tea before heading to a local market. After numerous stories and purchase of your ingredients, you will head back to Le Foodist. In the class we will cook traditional foods such as Coq au Vin or Boeuf Bourguignon, but we focus the classes on techniques and not just cooking classes, as we want participants to leave with a ‘bag of tricks’ and not just recipes. Recipes can be found from many places, but learning what will make a recipe successful from a professional Chef is what we want you to experience. And of course, our classes are also an opportunity for our (very) small team of Chefs to share their passion for French culture and the relationship between Food and Culture.

Tuesday to Sunday

9 am to 3 pm

Max 12 people

€189 per person

In English

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Our Market Visit Cooking Class in Paris Step by Step

STEP 1: As we always cook from scratch, it all starts at the market, where we are going to find the best ingredients - but the market visit will come with a lot more.

STEP 2: Back at school, we will divide and conquer, and start prepping all ingredients to get ready to cook.  A good time for the Chef to share tips and tricks on prep.

STEP 3: Once everything is ready we will spend a bit of time talking about "where we are going" - a way to explain how we will cook the different ingredients and most importantly: why this way?

STEP 4: As time goes by, we go through more techniques and cook more - but the smells are starting to make everybody very hungry, and rightly so.

STEP 5: Some ingredients might be new, or it might worth just checking where we are in seasoning for some of the dishes. Tasting is a critical part of ensuring a successful meal, always.

STEP 6: Everybody takes photos of their food nowadays.  I guess it is everybody's recognition that food plating can contribute significantly to the enjoyment of the dish.  So we indulge.

STEP 7: OK, we think it looks good; but does it taste good?

STEP 8: And no meal in France would be a real meal without sharing drinks and stories. So your Chef will share your three-course meal, white and red wine and a few stories. Bon appétit!

Morning Market Visit Cooking Class Sample Reviews

5.0 5stars

Reviewed by: Kristen J. on Tripadvisor in September 2019

My Mum and I did the 3 course lunch and market tour. We had an awesome time. Fredrick was outstanding; professional, entertaining and informative. As a group we shared the prep of the 3 courses. Fredrick not only broke down the recipes but explained why we were using the techniques we were using. We will both be replicating all 3 courses at home. Highly recommend this course and I wouldn’t hesitate to do another one. Such a fun 6 hours.

Kirsten J, September 2019

5.0 5stars

Reviewed by: CCAF Envision on Google in August 2019

I've always been a bit intimidated by French cooking but decided to sign up for this class because of a friend's recommendation. I am so glad that I did because it was entertaining, educational and social due to the 7 other women who had signed up for the same class. The market shopping added to the experience and the cheese tasting as we worked our way back to the kitchen was insightful. Sarah our French instructor, spoke excellent English and was knowledgeable and really well organized. Her enthusiasm and energy for cooking were infectious. All of us attending already loved cooking but the experience of cooking together was even better. I highly recommend this class to home cooks with any level of experience. It was a day well spent.

CCAF Envision, August 2019

5.0 5stars

Reviewed by: Roslyn Clark on Facebook in January 2019

Our class was one of the highlights of our trip! If you’re thinking about it, don’t hesitate, Pick a class & make your reservation. Fred hosted our experience, which included a trip to the market, prepping, cooking & enjoying a 3 course meal. Along the way, Fred was informative, entertaining, and professional. He and his wife have a gorgeous setting that is fully equipped, organized & clean. On top of that, our meal was delicious!

Roslyn Clark, January 2019

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