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What are our French Cooking Courses in Paris like?

  • Totally hands-on
  • Taught in English
  • Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun Morning; Tues, Wed, Thurs Evening
  • With or without Market Visit
  • Set in a beautiful location
  • Fun and instructive
  • Followed by a Scrumptious 3 course meal
  • Meal served with white and red wine
  • Small groups classes
  • Read More or Book Now

Morning Market Visit & Cooking Class in Paris

189 € - 6 hours

Cooking Classes with Market Visit in Paris


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday,
starts at 9:00 am

Start with Coffee & Croissant
Visit an open-air Market
2&1/2hrs+ Hands-On Cooking Class
Scrumptious 3 course lunch

Lunch with a French Chef

What will you learn?
3 recipes to reproduce and impress with
Culinary techniques from the classic French repertoire

Surprising stories about French culture and food


 Cooking Class in Paris & Lunch Experience

159 € - 4&1/2hours

Cooking Class in Paris Showing Technique


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,Friday, Saturday, Sunday
starts at 10:30 am

2&1/2 hrs+ Hands-On Cooking Class
Scrumptious 3 course Lunch

Lunch with a French Chef

What will you learn?
3 full recipes
10 to 12 culinary techniques
Surprising stories!



 Evening Market Visit & Cooking Class in Paris

189 € - 5 &1/2hours (159 € without Market Visit)

Cook Wine and Dine in Paris


  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
starts at 4:30 pm (5:45 pm without Market Visit)

Visit St Germain covered market
2&1/2 hrs+ Hands-On Cooking Class
Scrumptious 3 course Dinner
White and Red wine pairings

Dine with a French Chef

Great stories

Beautiful Dining Room

What will you learn?
3 full recipes
10 to 12 Culinary techniques
Surprising stories!


"We loved every aspect of this course. The market trip was great, the physical location was very charming, the menu was excellent and our chef (...) was the best part! Highly interactive and educating. Plenty of food, wine and hands on cooking! Highly recommend!."

Karen, Tripadvisor, Octobre 2016

"My wife talked me into going. I was not enthusiastic. We had a wonderful time."

Terry C, Tripadvisor, Novembre 2013

What to Expect at Paris Cooking Classes at Le Foodist

Market I All at the market


Planning: This might be the topic about cooking which is the least covered in classes or books.  Yet we think the most critical - and at the heart of professional cooking.  So why not learn something about it with us?  We will be happy to share.


Food preparation II   All at work in the kitchen

Techniques: Simple techniques are the foundation of any great French meal and French professional cooking certification.  So we cover 5 to 7 of these fundamental techniques in each of our classes (for a total of 192). And then we explain a bit of the theory, because we all learn differently.


Market II Miscellaneous vegetables at the market

Ingredients:  Cooking could be defined as the transformation of ingredients to make them even more palatable.  So we will share how to choose them, why but also where they come from (often from very far from France).


Table wine and chairs 


Pairing Wine with Food: At the end of our class, we always sit down to enjoy the meal together - and to hear some stories about the wine we pair with the food.



Storytelling  Fred sharing a story at the table

Sharing Stories: In France, the pleasure of a meal derives both from the food and the fact that we share our meals.  And what do we share?  Usually conversations about food.  So we will make sure you hear our stories about the ingredients and recipes along the way, and take the opportunity to discover a bit more about the French culture along the way.


Cookery Class Paris

Many visitors come to Paris to enjoy the fabulous food on offer in the city. From the Michelin starred restaurant to the humble local bistro, French food has something for every taste and wallet too. For some, a fascination with French cuisine is sparked and rather than take home just memories of good food or a culinary souvenir, they desire a more substantial memento of their stay. For gastronomes like these, a cookery class in Paris is a great way to take a little of Paris home with them. Choosing a cookery class in Paris might not seem easy, with so many courses on offer. At Le Foodist, however, we think our approach gives our students a unique experience of cooking in Paris.

A unique cookery class in Paris

We at Le Foodist like to give our students a better understanding of French food and its place in the development of French culture. Our cookery class in Paris begins in the food market, where our students learn to select the best produce available. These freshest of in season ingredients then form the basis of our menu for the day. Back in the kitchen, the cooking begins.

Learning new skills at our cookery class in Paris

Learning to buy the right ingredients is one cornerstone of good French cooking and another is developing basic cooking skills. Each of our courses teaches some of the same techniques that every French chef must master to achieve professional certification. Our cookery class in Paris also features a teaching technique which is unique to Le Foodist and helps our students learn more quickly and retain the knowledge they gain. Our chef teachers are informal and relaxed and spend the day talking about the various ingredients and dishes and the history that led to their appearance on our plates.

A cultured cookery class in Paris

We passionately believe that the best way to understand a nation's culture is to understand the food that it eats and throughout our day we share our thoughts on the history and people that have shaped our cuisine. Our cookery class in Paris then concludes as we enjoy the three course meal that we have prepared, accompanied by matching wines. As we enjoy our food, we continue with discussions around the table on French culture and food. This combination of professional tuition placed in a wider cultural context leaves our students with a deeper understanding of French cuisine and some unforgettable memories.