What Wine Tastings do we offer in Paris?

  • In depth initiation to Wine Tasting
  • Focused on all your senses
  • Taught in English
  • Full of tricks and tips
  • In a beautiful setting
  • Small Group classes
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Wine Tasting in Paris France

An appreciation of food is one of the main reasons that many people visit Paris. The city offer such a wide choice, from fine dining in a Michelin starred restaurant to enjoying some hearty fare in a humble bistro. There are also many restaurants serving regional French specialities and even nouvelle cuisine. One thing all of this food has in common though is that it is greatly improved when accompanied by the right wine. Choosing wine can be confusing but our course on wine tasting in Paris France is designed to remove the mysteries of the wine list and build knowledge that can be used whenever you are selecting wine.

Understanding wine tasting in Paris France

For too many people, the wine lists of fine restaurants are a minefield of potential embarrassment and faux pas. Which wine goes with what? Will the sommelier recommend something too expensive? What happens if I order the house wine? Wine tasting in Paris France with Le Foodist is about enjoyment rather than rules. We believe that choosing your wine should be an exciting treat and not a dreaded chore, so our courses are designed to arm you with the knowledge that you need to make an informed choice with your own preferences uppermost in mind.

Surprises in wine tasting in Paris France

Our 'Daring Pairings' evenings are a good example of our approach. Here we teach students how to match wine to all sorts of flavours, from cheese to chocolate. Our courses on wine tasting in Paris France go on to discuss which wines work with different types of food and why. Our evenings are designed to be fun and there are lots of games and anecdotes to share as we go along. We know that our students learn better when they are relaxed and enjoying themselves, and wine always tastes better with a smile on your face.

The joy of wine tasting in Paris France

Throughout an enjoyable evening, we gradually remove the mysteries of the French wine list and replace them with enjoyment and anticipation of the glorious tastes to come. Our wine tasting in Paris France evenings also equip our students with some useful tasting tips that soon have them talking like the experts. Learning a few tricks to identify wines will amaze your friends but more importantly will build confidence when it comes to ordering wine. Our students can then look forward to a lifetime of enjoyment of wine rather than discomfort when faced with a great wine list.