Pierre Antoine Sandbox

We offer several Pastry Classes in Paris : Macarons, French Desserts, Chocolate Eclairs and other French cakes... They are small with a maximum of 8 participants working in pairs and hands-on. In our Pastry Classes in Paris, you will always start by measuring your ingredients and then your instructor will explain all the steps, focusing on what is critical and share many tips and tricks. After several hours in the kitchen, it will be teatime to enjoy your creations with tea and coffee, before leaving with a box full of French pastries. 

While here you can see a video of a Macarons class, the idea is the same for all our Pastry Classes in Paris. And to note, while we can only welcome children 12 years and above in these classes, you are welcome to contact us for a private class if you have younger children, for example. We also offer Baking classes