Croissant des gâteaux et du pain

Claire Damon is special, and she proved it by becoming one of the few women pastry chefs in Paris. She has worked with renowned chefs  like Pierre Hermé or Christophe Michalak, with whom, in search of perfection, she achieved excellence. But she is not only top of the class: she possesses a real sensitivity that is obvious in each of her creations.

In order to prepare outstanding croissants and chocolate rolls, her elegant patisserie  possesses its own « tourier », a rare specialist for the preparation of the dough... The ingredients for each cake are very carefully selected. The butter and eggs come from a farm in Normandy.

Well balanced, the croissant is finely crafted with puff pastry. The result is magnificent, well cooked, golden, and generous. It is crunchy and tender at the same time. It is crusty outside, whereas the inside melts in your mouth. It tastes of of yeast with a little hint of caramel. Yummy....

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