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Gérard Mulot

76 rue de Seine 75006

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Gérard Mulot, native of the Vosges region, confesses that he comes from “a family of gourmets and ended up doing this job thanks to my taste for fancy food”. He learns the job at Dalloyau, where he focuses on the delicatessen department. He settles down in 1975, a few steps away from the Saint Germain market. Over years of rapid ascent in the trade, Gérard Mulot builds a robust reputation of quality. He quickly becomes a renowned high-end pastry cook.

Gérard Mulot is a pioneer in quality macaroons. He openly broadcasts his working philosophy through the generosity and the quality of his products. People come for his chocolates, his sweets, but also for his services as a caterer. His shop is a crucial address in the district, attracting droves of Parisians and tourists to taste some of his specialties. He has been able to maintain a high level of excellence in spite of the arrival of numerous fashionable pastry cooks in the district and his regular customers have been faithful over the generations.

Croissants and viennoiseries are also part of the “must eat” at Mulot. The croissant is magnificently golden in colour, its layers are crunchy and it tastes of fresh butter, with a hint of yeast. In short, delicious! The recipe has also recently evolved to taste even better - now organic flour and Charente AOP butter is used!

Mulot Croissants

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