The Overlooked Excellent Macarons of Gérard Mulot

76 Rue de Seine 75006 Paris

Metro Mabillon

Tel: 01 43 26 85 77

Open Monday to Sunday (EXCEPT Wednesday) from 6:45 AM to 8:00 PM

Founded in 1976, Gérard Mulot sells all the foods your heart desires: pâtisseries, viennoiseries (like croissant), chocolate, ice cream, quiches, pizzas, sandwiches, and bread (of course)! Gérard Mulot, the chef pâtissier, comes from a small village in the  Vosges area in the east of France. He started out as a boulanger, a path his mother advised him to take; still reeling from the effects of the Second World War, she reasoned that a boulanger would never go hungry!

The boutique on the left bank (Rue de la Seine) is the location of the first Gérard Mulot. It has also remained the most popular shop in Paris, mostly attracting locals. Although gaining in notoriety and more frequently mentioned in online rankings, Gérard Mulot remains highly underrated in my opinion. The shop is especially overlooked when it comes to their macarons! Although they don’t benefit from the same notoriety as Ladurée, they are, according to my taste buds, just as delicious, and sometimes even more! I was instantly attracted to a shiny bright yellow macaron, decked out with green basil leaves. The basilique et fruit de la passion macaron (basil and passion fruit) was delicious – perfectly moist and flavorful!

Gérard Mulot is also worth checking out for the ambiance: flooded with natural lighting and overflowing with shinny and mouth watering  pastries, the shop is colorful and bright.

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