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Pierre Hermé

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Pierre Hermé was born in 1961 in Colmar, within a four-generation family of Alsatian pastry chefs. At 9, he already knows that he wants to continue and further the family trade. Having practiced in his father’s bakery, he begins his apprenticeship at the age of 14 with renowned Gaston Lenôtre. He spends 6 years with this pastry master, to whom he still expresses his gratitude today. 

At the age of  24, he becomes a head pastry chef, and will practice, for eleven years, first at Fauchon then at Ladurée, famous for its macaroons. Meeting with Charles Znaty, an advertising and marketing expert, will mark Pierre Hermé’s career from then on. In association with him, he opens in 1998 a first shop in Tokyo - that collects immediate success - then his Paris boutique in Rue Bonaparte, in 2001. From 2010, the company pursues its expansion internationally, from the Middle East to Asia.

Pierre Hermé has become famous thanks to his macaroons. He even established the “Macaroon day”, on March 20th every year. Nevertheless, when he discovered the macaroon for the first time, he found that it was lacking flavour, so he put his creative genius to work, increasing the quantity and exalting the quality of the filling. He also multiplied the tastes and colours... adapting and reinventing extensively. One of his most famous macaroon variations is the “Ispahan”: two shells of raspberry macaroon enclosing a rose and litchi cream, an association of flavours which gratify beyond frontiers. 

His work on macaroons is emblematic of his creativity.  By displaying cakes on the model of high-end fashion boutiques, Pierre Hermé gave a real cutting-edge status to successful pastry chefs. According to many, he is the inventor of modern “High pastry”. Like his master Gaston Lenôtre, Pierre Hermé was a pioneer in his profession, and more generally changed the way of approaching taste. He was awarded the “World champion of pastry” prize in 2016.
Pierre Herm
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