Boeuf Bourguignon That Put French Cooking on the American Map

Boeuf bourguignon was initially a peasant’s stew, eaten only on festive occasions. The dish was a practical way to slow-cook tough, inedible pieces of meat, using whatever ingredients on hand. However, this dish has become a symbol of French regional cuisine and is a classic in both restaurants and homes alike. From rags to riches, boeuf bourguignon entered the realm of haute cuisine! As its name suggests, the dish comes from the eastern region of Burgundy in France, and is made with beef. More specifically, this stew is prepared with braised beef in red wine (typically red wine from the area), beef broth (bouillon), and other ingredients like onions (especially pearl onions), mushrooms, carrots, garlic, and herbs (typically in the form of a bouquet garni, a bundle of herbs tied together, plunged in the dish, and removed before serving). Besides Julia Child, Auguste Escoffier is often associated with this stew – he was one of the first to publish the recipe, effectively popularizing 

Beef Bourgignon2

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