A Brittany Version of Bread is Crepe

Pissaladière, which some call a French pizza, is an onion tart with anchovies, olives and herbs. This dish is a specialty from the south of France, specifically from the Nice area. While it can be served as a main dish, I have often seen in cut into rectangular pieces and eaten as an appetizer. What is special about the pissaladière is the texture of the tart: the onions cook for a long time at a low temperature. In the best pissaladière, the layer of onions should be as thick as the layer of dough (typically pâte brisé, short crust dough). Originally, the dish was made with pissalat, a fish-based sauce from the Nice area. The origins of the word pissaladière apparently come from the niçois (the dialect from the Nice region) pissaladiero, which was derived from pissalat (also sometimes spelled pissala). Today, pissalat, which was probably derived from Roman “garum” (a fish stew), is very difficult to find. You can replace it with anchovy purée easily found in supermarkets in the South of France.


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