How To Easily Make Jerusalem Artichoke Soup In Only Nine Steps

Jerusalem artichoke soup (for eight servings) :

Preparation : 45 minutes

Cooking : 20 minutes


    • 800g Jerusalem artichokes
    • 3 onions
    • Butter
    • Salt
    • Pepper
    • 2 tablespoons peanut oil
    • Truffle oil
    • 1/2 chicken stock cube

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup



    • Chop half the onions into cubes and the other half into slices.
    • Put butter in a frying pan and brown one onion.
    • Peel and cut up Jerusalem artichokes.
    • Put them in the saucepan and pour water all over.
    • Add half a chicken stock cube, salt and pepper.
    • Let cook for about 20 minutes.
    • Add oil in a pan before frying the (two) remaining onions for 10 minutes.
    • Add the soup into the food mill then serve in bowls.
    • Add a drop of truffle oil and some fried onions.


Personal tips

Be careful while dosing out the truffle oil : its taste is strong.

A dry white wine will go very well with your Jeresulam artichoke soup !

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