Chocolate Eclair Carl Marletti

Carl Marletti

51 rue Censier 75005 Paris

Métro Censier-Daubenton

Tel 01 43 31 68 12

Open from tuesday to saturday 10 am – 8 pm, on sunday 10am-1. 30 pm

Like many, Carl Marletti got interested in pastry since his youngest age: his grandfather was a pastry chef and baker. Carl started to work at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental in Paris in March 1992. He soon took the lead of a team of 23 people in the restaurant of the Hotel Place de l'Opéra, the famous “Café de la Paix”. 

In 2007, he opened his first shop in the heart of the 5th district of Paris, at the bottom rue Mouffetard, only 10 minutes from the Foodist, a warm and inviting area of which he says “It is no coincidence I settled here !” 

 In his "jewelry store with cakes", the chef chisels his creations.

His éclair is covered with a light crunchy mixture of butter and sugar, very finely spread and arranged on the top, before cooking. The custard cream filling is made with Guanaja chocolate by Valrhona (70% cocoa). The hand of the master makes the rest, delivering a sublime result....

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