Christophe Vasseur for Best Croissants in Paris

Now that you know what to look for when searching for the best croissant in Paris (Link: Buying the Best Croissant in Paris), we’d like to pass along a list of some of our favorite artisan bakers in Paris to help you get started. The croissants you find here will have our stamp of approval, but be sure to venture out into France on your own and see what you happen upon. The best Paris food often finds you as you dodge the rain or take the long way home.

Where to look, physically

We recommend a fresh croissant au beurre first thing in the morning at any of the following patisseries. You’ll be able to distinguish it from its less spectacular viennoiserie cousin, the croissant ordinaire, by it’s shape: you want the one that has less of a crescent shape and is rather more of a straight line. This means the croissant dough was made with more butter (ah, French food), which will make it not only more flavorful, but also have a lighter, fluffier texture. No need to dip an end in coffee or add a spread of jam to make this French pastry more delicious. Of course, if other baked goods like a richer pain au chocolat, chocolate croissant, or sweeter croissant aux amandes, almond croissant, are more your style, allez-y! (And be sure to grab a mid-morning snack, like a chausson aux pommes, or apple turnover, while you’re at it.)

Christophe Vasseur at Du Pain et des Idées

34, rue Yves Toudic, 75010

A true artisan of his craft, Christophe Vasseur is dedicated to bringing about happiness by what he can make with his hands. This philosophy got him recognized by esteemed guide Gault & Millau, which named him one of the best bakers in Paris. His bread and escargot, a spiraled piece of dough decorated with raisins, pistachios, and other flavors, may be famous, but his croissant proves that even the gourmet geniuses are still experts in the culinary basics. The unique shape of his croissant provides a knot on each end, which would act almost perfectly at handles if you could even fathom sharing this with someone else. Instead, leave the patisserie placed in a arrondissement ideal for strolling with your croissant in hand. Join the local Parisians on the banks of the Canal Saint Martin for a true French breakfast experience; we guarantee love at first bite.

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