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Poilane for Best Croissants in Paris

Now that you know what to look for when searching for the best croissant in Paris (Link: Buying the Best Croissant in Paris), we’d like to pass along a list of some of our favorite artisan bakers in Paris to help you get started. The croissants you find here will have our stamp of approval, but be sure to venture out into France on your own and see what you happen upon. The best Paris food often finds you as you dodge the rain or take the long way home.

Where to look, physically

8, rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006

If you step into Poilâne in the 6th arrondisement, it’s likely for a slice of the famous, traditional miche sourdough loaf bread. But what many may overlook is their croissant au beurre, one of the bests in the city. Tear it apart, and you’ll see doughy caverns protecting precious air bubbles. You’ve got to trust that a bakery with such a rich history and nearly 100-year-old age knows a thing or two about what they’re doing, but with all of the hype around their (admittedly perfect) bread, the croissants don’t get the credit they deserve. Considering its fame, the bakery rarely has too long of a line, and the ladies behind the counter are known to hand out a sample or two to the indecisive customer. The secret’s out – Poilâne really is a one-stop-shop.