Food Tours in Paris

We offer several Food Tours in Paris, each focusing on a different area of Paris and with specifics related to those. For example, the Latin Quarter Food Tour finishes with a pic-nic type lunch at Le Foodist. Les Halles Food Tour is the opportunity to learn about the best Cookware shops and eat snails and onion soup. And our Montmartre Tour is more focused on pastry and baking.

And while each of our Food Tours in Paris is specific, in all of them we share the history and cultural elements of each of the food you taste, so you can better ‘Discover Culture through Food’. 

Last but not least, your guide will either be a French Chef or a very experienced French Food Writer – and they all love to share their passion. So choose your tour and we are confident you will learn a lot about French Culture.

Baking Macarons in Paris

Latin Quarter Market Visit Food Tour

Latin Quarter Market Visit Tour in Paris

€99 per person
10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Wednesday and Friday

Coffee & Croissants
Market Visit
Great Food Stores
Seafood Tasting
Lunch at Le Foodist
Wine Included

Montmartre Pastry & Chocolate Food Tour

Try Sweet Le Foodist Montmartre Pastry and Chocolate Food Tour

€89 per person
3:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Wednesday and Friday

Top Macarons & Chocolates
Unique Pastries
Best Breads
Cobbled Streets
Montmartre History
Taste with Tea / Coffee

Les Halles Delicious Food Tour

Baguette at Les Halles Food Tour In Paris

€109 per person
11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Great Cook Shops
Onion Soup
& Snails Tastings
Best Cheese
Unique Stories
Wine Included

More About our Paris Food Tours

What are our Paris Food Tours like?

  • In English
  • Lead by local Food Experts
  • Small groups tours with maximum 6 pax
  • Focus on the best French products
  • From the best Artisan Producers
  • Fun and instructive
  • Always in neighbourhoods rich in history

A bit more about Paris Food Tours

Many visitors come to Paris to enjoy tours of all the famous sights. These might include the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and cathedral of Notre Dame. Art lovers meanwhile might enjoy tours including the wonderful treasures of the Louvre, modern art collections at the Pompidou centre and Impressionist works at the Musée de l'Orangerie. For the gourmet, however a Food Tour in Paris will get you closer to the real soul of Paris than any other. Paris is of course synonymous with food and attracts food lovers from all over the world to sample its many delights. Paris food tours then might include some of the most famous Michelin starred restaurants on their itineraries.

The best elements of our Paris Food Tours

Paris certainly has more than its fair share of both very affordable and haute cuisine dining.  But you do not need to go to a multi-starred Michelin restaurant to impress your friends when you go back.  You just need to learn about French food in a unique way, with great stories to boot.  And a good knowledge of Paris restaurants must include some simple neighbourhood bistros, so your guide might point you to those as well - where the locals will enjoy some robust but flavourful French classics in an informal setting. But most importantly you will discover some the best local artisants, while getting a much deeper understanding of how each category of products (bread, pastry, charcuterie, cheeses, etc...) have their own sub-divisions, based on taste, history and seasons in particular.  And you will of course get to taste all of these with explanations.

Visiting food markets or tasting pastries and chocolate during a Food Tour in Paris

The main Paris food market used to be in the center of Paris at Les Halles  and we tell you more about this in our Paris Les Halles Food tour.  But the big market moved out to Rungis, about 6 miles south of Paris long ago. Other markets are still within the city centre though and a visit to a good market will be a most enjoyable part of our Paris Latin Quarter Food Tour. Here you will find some of the great French produce which forms the basis of all good French cooking. The next stop on Paris food tours could be a visit to some specialist French food shops. These could include some famous patisseries, boulangeries, chocolatiers and fromageries.

But if your main interest in pastry and chocolates, then you should do our Paris Montmartre Food Tour  as this is our Chocolate and Pastry Food tour in Paris!

What about combining cooking with a Food Tour in Paris?

Some visitors like to find professional level cooking equipment to take home to their own kitchen and a visit to a good cook shop is a welcome stage on any Parisian food odyssey. Another idea is to join us at Le Foodist for a unique cooking class. Here we learn some of the basic skills of French cooking as we prepare a three course meal to enjoy with matching wines. We also learn how to make the best choices in the food market and our discussions around the table on the place of food in French culture makes for a memorable experience.

Discover French Culture through Other Food Experiences

Discovering culture through food is what we want to do when we travel. So we have developed all our experiences with that simple idea in mind: ensure that you learn both about the topic at hand, but also about French culture in the process. So in our food tours, we will talk about the history of various aspects of French food, in our cooking class about how certain dishes became so important in our culture. During our wine tastings, we will explore the regional differences in French culture. And, a regional cooking holiday is an opportunity to deep dive French food culture to its core and foundation: the regional gastronomies, and the concept of terroir. Follow the links to explore further.