What is our Pastry Class in Paris like?

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  • Taught in English
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Pastry Class in Paris

France is rightly famed for its particularly rich cuisine. Simple pleasures like French bread and charcuterie vie for our attention with bistro classics and Michelin starred haute cuisine. Another speciality of French cooking is its pastries. It seems every French town and Paris neighbourhood has its own local pâtisserie, serving a wonderful array of tempting delicacies. Conventional wisdom tells us that pastry making requires great skill and accuracy and may be beyond most domestic chefs, but at Le Foodist we offer a pastry class in Paris which defines these conventions. At our 'Sweet Stories' courses you will learn the secrets of perfect pastries and magical macaroons while uncovering some surprising stories about their backgrounds.

Enjoying sweet success at our pastry class in Paris

Everyone will tell you that precision is the key to good pastry. This means creating a dough mix with exactly the correct proportions of ingredients and then kneading that dough in the right way for the right amount of time. This accuracy even extends to keeping everything at the right temperature. During our pastry class in Paris we will discover exactly which of these is necessary to create perfect pastry as we all get hands on with our dough.

Creating classics at our pastry class in Paris

Our course will teach you how to create the French pastry classics, like macaroons and French, Swiss and Italian meringues. You will learn how to infuse these creations with vibrant colours and luscious tastes as we share with you our opinions of the best pâtisseries in Paris. Our pastry class in Paris continues with the joys of pâtefeuilletée, the basis of many French pastry classics, before continuing with the popular choux pastry. Finally, as our time together draws to a close, we will pause to enjoy our wonderful creations along with some tea and coffee.

A cultural pastry class in Paris

At Le Foodist we always strive to place French food in the context of French culture. We believe that the unique people and history of France join with terroir to produce the classic dishes of France. Our pastry class in Paris features lots of discussion about where food comes from and how it came to be. In gaining a deeper understanding of French culture we in turn have more appreciation of French food, resulting in greater enjoyment of both. This approach, together with our brilliant chefs and informal teaching, results in the most memorable culinary experiences.