What are our Patisserie classes in Paris like?

  • Totally hands-on
  • Taught in English
  • Set in a beautiful location
  • Fun and instructive
  • Small groups classes
  • Available Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun.
  • (see detail Below and in Availabilities)
  • Private Classes Possible

Pastry Course in Paris

Paris has so many flavours to enjoy. The food of Paris ranges from the finest haute cuisine, through brasserie classics and on to the robust flavours of the humble bistro. There are regional dishes to enjoy from the likes of Provence, Normandy and Burgundy and these days also some nouvelle cuisine twists. Then there are the classic staples, like good French bread and great regional cheeses. For many it is simply enough to enjoy dining on such delights but some seek a closer understanding of French cuisine and for them a pastry course in Paris provides a challenging test. At Le Foodist we understand the discipline that is required for successful patisserie but we also know how to make learning fun.

Learning new skills at our pastry course in Paris

Every pastry chef will tell you that precision is the key to good pastry. Care is needed to create exactly the right mix of ingredients and then they must be kneaded in a precise way for just the right length of time. Our pastry course in Paris considers these factors, along with the times and temperatures of baking and even the temperature of the preparation areas. In doing so our students soon find out exactly what works and what does not.

Experiencing variety at our pastry course in Paris

Our students will learn the fundamentals of French pastry cooking, such as how to prepare crême pâtissière, pâte feuilletée and choux pastry. With this knowledge our pastry course in Paris continues, teaching how to make meringues in the French, Swiss and Italian traditions, and how to create delicious macarons. Our students learn how the patisserie achieves those incredible colours and how to fill their pastries with flavours as bold as those vibrant hues. This is a hands on course and we will all be arm deep in our fantastic dough.

Enjoying the results of your pastry course in Paris

If pastry is about precision then it is also about enjoyment. With our hard work completed we gather to enjoy our creations along with some refreshing afternoon drinks. Here our pastry course in Paris concludes with enjoyable discussion of French culture and food. Together we explore the origin of these sweet treasures and by uncovering the history and people behind the ingredients and pastries, we come to understand the food before us. Armed with their new knowledge, our students can then explore our recommendations for the best patisseries in Paris.