What are the best Places to eat in Paris for Tourists?

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Places to eat in Paris

With so many places to eat in Paris, the visitor can be overwhelmed. With such choice it can be difficult to decide where we should dine, even if we have a particular area or style in mind. There are many guides of course but there is always the suspicion that listing the best places to eat in Paris creates its own problems. Once a restaurant is listed in a popular guide, the tourists flock in and perhaps the restaurateur raises prices to take advantage of his good fortune or simply to manage the clamor for reservations. Soon the character of the place which led to the restaurant's listing in the first place is changed forever.

Choosing places to eat in Paris

Guides of course have their place and there is nothing wrong with selecting one or two restaurants to visit during your time in the city. There is something very satisfying, however, in finding your own favourite places to eat in Paris. But how can we do this without resorting to the guide books? One way is simply to trust to 'bonne chance'. Restaurants in Paris display a 'prix fixe' menu outside, so at least you know what you will be eating and how much it will cost before you enter.

Finding good places to eat in Paris

There are however some techniques you can deploy to increase your chances of making a good discovery. First of all, use your feet and try walking a little off the tourist trail. Some of the best places to eat in Paris are in quiet residential areas, away from the main sights. Next, have a look at who is eating there. Neighbourhood bistros depend on knowledgeable locals to survive rather than gullible tourists, so if a restaurant is full of Parisians then it is more likely to be good.

Discovering your own favourite places to eat in Paris

Another good idea is to check out where workers are eating at lunchtime. These people work here every day and know the area well. They are unlikely to eat in poor restaurants. Also try to do a bit of people profiling. If the customers are similar to you, you are more likely to feel comfortable and enjoy your experience. Finally, you are more likely to enjoy your food if you know a little about it, so why not try a French cookery course or gourmet evening at Le Foodist to boost your local culinary knowledge.