Montmartre Pastry Chocolate Food Tour

montmartre macarons step two

There are many sweet delicacies to be found in Paris, and we will make sure you get to taste many.  From the now world-famous Parisian macaron with all its various flavours, all the way to madeleine – associated with the invention of the flash-back, no less.  You will also taste soft choux, a wonderful tart, discover the Brittany obsession with butter through a tasting, get to understand better what makes croissants so special, and taste chocolate from the best (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) and also the most surprising flavours.  A tour not to be missed by the sweet minded.

You will also discover the bohemian neighbourhood of Montmartre.  Not only does it boast the most amazing point of view on the city of Paris, it is also the residence of the only vineyard left in and around Paris.  But it is also full of stories of what makes certain neighbourhoods special historically, how it got its name from a martyr many centuries ago, and of course of all the famous impressionists who used to hang around the local cafés and paint away. 


Class starts 3:30 pm / Mar-25-2022
Class finishes 6:00 pm / Mar-25-2022
Cut off date 5:00 pm / Mar-24-2022
Price per person EUR89
EUR89 6
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