Vegetarian French Cooking Class in Paris

In our Paris Vegetarian Cooking Class, you will learn about three things: French Food, French Culture and Vegetarian Cooking. While French Food traditionally boasts an array of meat oriented dishes, the French cooking repertoire is also full of beautiful and luscious vegetarian dishes: from Ratatouille to Gratin Dauphinois, from Dubarry Velouté to Cheese Soufflé, from Aligot to Crêpes Suzettes. And yes you will notice we said vegetarian, not quite vegan – as French vegetarian still relies on dairy and eggs. But another interesting aspect of French Vegetarian cooking is to adapt some traditional recipes and make them vegetarian – and in the process learn a ton about traditional French cooking techniques. We do this for example with our Onion Soup which is traditionally prepared with Beef Broth but can be made vegetarian and … yes, even more delicious. Same for a traditional Red Wine Sauce known as sauce marchand de vin (the wine merchant sauce). So we hope you will join one of these hands-on, small group, fun and instructive French Vegetarian Cooking Classes soon.


4 hours

Max 12 people

€179 per person

In English

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Our French Vegetarian Cooking Class in Paris Step by Step

Vegetarian Cooking Class in Paris Step One

STEP 1: As we always cook from scratch, w e will get all the ingredients for you from the market on Sunday (as markets are closed on Monday).  So when you arrive, we are ready to start!

Vegetarian Cooking Class in Paris Step Two

STEP 2: At first, we will divide and conquer, and start prepping all ingredients to get ready to cook.  A good time for the Chef to share tips and tricks on prep.

Vegetarian Cooking Class in Paris Step Three

STEP 3: Once everything is ready we will spend a bit of time talking about "where we are going" - a way to explain how we will cook the different ingredients and most importantly: why this way?

Vegetarian Cooking Class in Paris Step Four

STEP 4: As time goes by, we go through more techniques and cook more - but the smells are starting to make everybody very hungry, and rightly so.

Vegetarian Cooking Class in Paris Step Five

STEP 5: Some ingredients might be new; or it might worth just checking where we are in seasoning for some of the dishes.  Tasting is a critical part of ensuring a successful meal, always.

Vegetarian Cooking Class in Paris Step Six

STEP 6: Everybody takes photos of their food nowadays.  I guess it is everybody's recognition that food plating can contribute significantly to the enjoyment of the dish.  So we indulge.

Vegetarian Cooking Class in Paris Step Seven

STEP 7: OK, we think it looks good; but does it taste good?

Vegetarian Cooking Class in Paris Step Eight

STEP 8: And no meal in France would be a real meal without sharing drinks and stories.  So your Chef will share your three course meal, white and red wine - and a few stories which illustrate various aspects of French food culture.  Bon appétit!

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