Looking for a Cooking Course in Paris?

  • Totally hands-on
  • Taught in English
  • Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun Morning; Wed, Thurs Evening
  • With or without Market Visit
  • Set in a beautiful location
  • Fun and instructive
  • Followed by a Scrumptious 3 course meal
  • Meal served with white and red wine
  • Small groups classes
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Cooking Course in Paris

There is so much to do in Paris that it can be overwhelming.  And of course Paris is famous for its gastronomy; so from gastronomic restaurants to brasseries through bistros, opportunities abound to experience French cuisine.  And yet, to gain a closer understanding of French food what could be better than taking a cooking course in Paris . However, selecting which course to attend could prove as challenging as choosing where to eat in Paris.  And to be fair we do not really help at Le Foodist, because we offer a range of different options, from market visit to croissant classes through the whole meal experience.

cooking course in Paris from Le Foodist

At Le Foodist, we approach the teaching of French cooking quite differently though. We think the best way to understand French culture is through a cooking experience, and therefore we share our thoughts on the origins of ingredients and dishes throughout our cooking course in Paris. But any cooking – whether French cuisine or other - starts with ingredients, and so our experiences tend to start with a Market Visit.  This is where we learn how to choose the best ingredients available.  And with this produce fresh and in season, we go back to prepare a special gastronomic meal.

Our cooking course in Paris always focus on fundamental techniques

Having started with the strongest foundation – the ingredients – we then go on to teach you between seven and ten of the core techniques required for professional certification of chefs in France. These are skills our students can take with them long after their cooking course in Paris is over. We insist that our students get to practice, learn quickly and therefore can retain their new knowledge for future use. Our courses may be thorough but they are also fun. Our teaching style is relaxed and informal and students are encouraged to share their own experiences.

Enjoying your cooking course in Paris

If we have another philosophy it is that cooking French food should be just as enjoyable as eating it and eat it we do. After all the hard work of the day, we gather to enjoy together the three course meal we have prepared, along with matching wines. Our cooking course in Paris then concludes with an enjoyable round table discussion on how the food that we eat is shaped by our culture.