Paris Wine Tasting: Discover France in 6 Glasses

Our Paris Wine Tasting is a great way to explore a great way to enjoy French wines: wine tasting. Some people make this a very intellectual pursuit. But we make it a sensorial and fun journey of discovery, taking some of the myths away in the process. More importantly, our professional sommelier will take you through the steps of a successful blind wine tasting – with gusto and humour and share all these tips and tricks. After this, you will be able to recognize the origin of a French wine using all your senses and before even tasting it! He will share memorable anecdotes about the wine regions you will discover – six in total, including Champagne. You will taste white and red wines, which will be served with sliced hams and bread. You will discover how to recognize aromas in wine, participate in a playful quiz and be rewarded by initiation to popping Champagne to conclude what we hope will become a cherished memory of your trip to Paris. And while a lot of fun according to all participants, we believe it is also a greatly condensed learning experience.


5 pm to 7:30 pm

Max 14 people

€69 per person

In English

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Paris Wine Tasting in 6 Glasses Step by Step

Paris Wine Tasting in 6 Glasses Step 1

STEP 1: Your sommelier will introduce you to the key steps of a wine tasting using all your senses. Even touch!

Paris Wine Tasting in 6 Glasses Step 2

STEP 2: You will then proceed to tasting 5 different wines from 5 different regions, developing an appreciation for the variety of French wines.

Paris Wine Tasting in 6 Glasses Step 3

STEP 3: Full of surprises your sommelier will share memorable anecdotes on each wine and region.

Paris Wine Tasting in 6 Glasses Step 4

STEP 4: You will explore further the sensory approach to wine tasting, and participate in a small oenological quiz; more surprising facts to impress your friends.

Paris Wine Tasting in 6 Glasses Step 5

STEP 5: You will also learn sommelier tips and tricks, such as recognizing the origin of a French wine without even tasting it!  But you will taste it of course …

Paris Wine Tasting in 6 Glasses Step 6

STEP 6: And you will conclude this journey of discovery with an initiation to popping Champagne!

Discover France in 6 Glasses Reviews

Did the two hour wine tasting with four friends and LOVED IT. As should be a given at these sorts of things the sommelier Stephane knew his wine. It was his charismatic way of teaching though that made all the difference. We laughed the whole time and unwittingly learned a few things too.

Samantha Barker, Oct. 2018

I went to Le Foodist for this wine tasting with my family (of four). We enjoyed learning about France's wine culture and talking to Stephane, the sommelier, about all the nuances of the different regions of France and how each region's wine is unique. Not only was Stephane very knowledgeable and accommodating, but he was also fun! He really did a great job! My favorite part of the experience was learning how to open a bottle of champagne with a saber.

Emma H, July 2019

We (two couples) were travelling all around France for two weeks, so the day before we departed from Paris, we decided to check out the “Discover France in Six Glasses” course. It was a fantastic class and we learned a lot about the regional French wines so we felt a bit more prepared to select and taste wines from Bordeaux, Languedoc, and Burgundy. Stéphane was amazing and funny and very knowledgeable. We highly recommend this experience!

Oceane, Nov. 2018

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