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What are our Macaron Class in Paris like?

  • Totally hands-on
  • Taught in English
  • Set in a beautiful location
  • Fun and instructive
  • Small groups classes
  • Available Fri, Sat, Sun.
  • (see detail Below and in Availabilities)
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Macaron Class in Paris

French cuisine has so many delights to tempt the taste buds. Classic dishes and regional specialities vie with simple bistro cooking for our attention. Then of course there are the delights of French cheese and the smell of freshly baked French bread to tempt our taste buds. The delicacies of the patisserie are so intricate that they may seem out of our reach but a macaron class in Paris from Le Foodist will soon have you producing these wonderful treats at home. Our 'Sweet Stories' courses are designed to share the secrets of great French patisserie and our students soon learn the art of great pastry making.

The secrets of the patisserie at our macaron class in Paris

The received wisdom tells us that accuracy is the key to successful patisserie. This can involve precision in the mixing of the dough, care in the kneading and exact measurements of time and temperature in the oven. It can even mean precise temperatures in the working area. At our macaron class in Paris we learn exactly which disciplines are vital for good pastry and which are not. As we go, we also share our stories about the development of French patisserie classics and discuss the history which has brought them to our tables.

Experiencing variety at our macaron class in Paris

French patisserie has such variety and our pastry courses touch on all of the classics. You will learn to produce delicious macarons and meringues from France, Italy and Switzerland. Our macaron class in Paris will also impart the secrets of pastry basics like pâtefeuilletée and choux pastry while teaching how to make the perfect croissant. In these hands on sessions, you will find yourself up to your elbows in dough as you learn all of the arts of the best French pastry chefs.

Enjoying your macaron class in Paris

Above all else though, French patisserie is about enjoyment. It is no wonder then that when all of our hard work is done in the kitchen, we take time to enjoy our creations together with some afternoon refreshments. Our macaron class in Paris then continues as we share our thoughts on the culture and history of the French people and how they have led to the wonderful pastry creations we enjoy today. With a solid grounding in pastry cooking and a knowledge of the cultural context of the finest patisserie, we know that our students will be producing great French pastries for years to come.